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Teething Buster

by 100% Wellness Co. 26 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Teething Buster

What is white, tiny and painful? You guessed it right: it’s your little one’s first tooth! From the moment you welcome your child into the world, every day, in fact, every moment, you’re experiencing their firsts. The first time they smile, they eat a solid or they start crawling. The firsts are usually very pleasurable and treasured memories unless….. It is your baby’s teething. If you little one has older siblings, you must be pretty familiar with what we are talking about. Teething means that your baby is annoyed, sleepless and whining 24/7, not an ideal situation for either, huh?

Now, our job is not to overwhelm you by saying that life gets pretty much hell when it comes to your child’s teething, but to help make this process much, much easier for you. With our carefully designed Teething Buster baby blend, say goodbye to sleepless nights and discomfort! A balanced mixture of copaiba, frankincense and olive oil, it will relieve your baby of any uneasiness in gums and will promote a much uplifted mood. Believe us when we say it, this blend will probably make you forget the troubles associated with your child’s teething so much so that you might start looking forward to this stage of your little one’s life!


Gently massage the blend along the baby’s jawline every 4-6 hours or as needed to provide relief from teething pain.


Copaiba oil, Frankincense essential oil, Olive oil

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