Our Mission

On a journey to spread wellness, 100% Wellness Co. believes that essential oils possess the power to Revatilize your mind, body and soul.

Founder and ambitious entrepreneur, Sumbul Yusuf is determined to provide premium all-natural products that improve health and well-being.

We started our wellness journey with just a few range of products including Essential Oil Roll-on Blends, Massage Oils, and Hair Oils, but now we have expanded to Organic Shampoos, Skin-Care products and so much more.


"I have always believed in the incredible healing properties of nature , and essential oils exhibit this remarkably. 100% Wellness Co. is a brand that I founded because I wanted to encourage the use of natural products to improve the way of living. With a commitment to natural, premium-quality products, 100% looks to inspire individuals to transform their lives in the healthiest ways possible."
- Sumbul Yusuf

Our Expertise

Our carefully curated oils are a combination of scientific, technical and botanical advances along with health expertise to bring you all-natural formulae that really work.All our products are manufactured in Pakistan. We believe in providing completely all-natural products, containing no chemicals or synthetic ingredients.Our customers are our priority and it is our responsibility to put their needs first and bring them products that have the ability to heal them. We know the future is organic, and we hope to do our bit by changing lives- one drop at a time.