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Tummy fix

by 100% Wellness Co. 26 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Tummy fix

If you’re a parent or a caretaker, you’ve probably gone through an episode of your child’s tummy ache. Now, an older child will probably be able to express their pain with something like, “Mom my belly hurts!” but babies will simply keep on crying, tossing and turning with the ache. As a parent, your baby’s pain becomes your own and you’ll be willing to do anything to help them feel better.

Perhaps your child ate something bad, or they’re nervous about something, or it’s merely a stomach bug that’s bothering them, it’ll often be difficult for your child to identify the root cause of the problem. But does that mean that the problem says? Definitely not! At, we care about your little ones and with careful consideration we have designed our Tummy fix baby blend to help your baby get rid of all their tummy troubles.

Our raw and organic blend is the perfect natural remedy to fix your child’s tummy aches in no time! A balanced mixture of various soothing essential oils such as lemon and ginger, this blend will resolve digestive issues even if you’re unsure about what exactly is going on in their tummies. With a light and refreshing scent, our blend will also promote positive emotions so that your child feels happier and cared for!


Ginger essential oil, Orange essential oil, Olive oil


Gently massage this blend on the baby’s tummy every 4-6 hours or as needed to resolve constipation and other digestive issues

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