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Essential Oil

New to Essential Oils?

by 100% Wellness Co. 26 Jun 2024 0 Comments
New to Essential Oils?

The introduction of essential oils in your life can be exciting, intriguing and a lot of fun. It’s always refreshing to enter a room smelling like lavender, lilies or roses, but there’s a lot more to essential oils than just smelling so incredibly good!

New To Essential Oils?

Congratulate yourselves folks, for you’ve been given the secret to a healthier and happier life: essential oils! Now, before we jump into the why and how to of essential oils, we think it’ll be best to give you an idea of what they really are.

“Essential oils are concentrated extracts of various plants. Practitioners use them in natural and alternative health practices, such as aromatherapy and naturopathy.” (Source)”

Fun fact: Although essential oils may seem like a twenty-first century, new age trend, they were first discovered by the early Egyptians, dating back to around 3500 BC.

Some essential oils are extracted from plant leaves while others are obtained from plant seeds. Interestingly, since essential oils are so highly concentrated, a little amount of oil extract requires hundreds of plants- It takes more than 150 lavender plants to make only 1 pound of lavender oil.

Essential Oils 101:


We know that with hundreds of different types of essential oils and mixes, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing for you to make the right decision. Well guess what, we’ve come up with the perfect beginner’s guide for you, to make this journey much, much easier!

#1 Begin with the basics- This is where the how to of essential oils comes into consideration. Check out our blogpost on “How to use essential oils” to become an essential oil expert in no time!

#2 Learn about your oils- Confused about which essential oil to start with? Worry not folks, we will talk about the best essential oils to begin with in just a minute!

#3 Learn how to store the oils- Don’t forget to keep the bottle lids on tight. Lower contact with air will allow a much better shelf life of the essential oils, maintaining their smell and effectiveness.

#4 When in doubt, research- Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to get into the nitty gritty of essential oil benefits. You can also check out our blogpost on “Why should I invest in essential oils?”

#5 Happiness hack- Turn that frown up-side down as we’ve got a happiness hack for you! All you need to do is to inhale an orange essential oil straight from the bottle or through a diffuser for a citrusy, uplifting aroma.

Essential oils starter pack

New to the essential oils family and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’re sharing with you some of our favorite oils and their uses! 

Peppermint essential oil

In addition to the fresh, breezy and minty scent that reminds people of holidays, peppermint essential oil offers numerous health benefits. You’re in for a treat!


Lavender Essential Oil

Say Au Revoir to stress and anxiety with a lavender essential oil massage. The bouquet-like scent is nothing but food for your well being, beauty and mood. Sky is the limit when you begin to count the benefits of this oil!

Lemon Essential Oil

When life gives you lemons, say hello to a fresh, citrusy skincare hero: lemon essential oil! This oil is the key for you to have a glowy, radiant-looking skin in no time. It even makes your room smell so good! Can life get any better?
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