Why should I invest in essential oils?

Discovering the world of essential oils can be very exciting, intriguing and quite fascinating. It’s always refreshing to enter a room smelling like lavender, lilies or roses, but there’s a lot more to essential oils than just smelling so incredibly good!

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Not exaggerating the slightest when I say that essential oils have worked wonders for me! Now it’s almost as if I need essential oils to get through my day and to restore a sense of positivity and well-being in a life fill of hustle and bustle.

Now let’s get down to business. What should one expect after purchasing these oils?

Benefit #1: As organic as they can be

Essential oils are simply a distilled part of a plant! They’re highly dense and concentrated so with only a few drops of essential oil, you’re good to go.

If this isn’t a nature’s sweet-smelling gift then what is?

Fun fact: Less than 1 percent of the entire plant species population produces essential oil.

The fact that essential oils are absolutely organic and natural makes it one of the best benefits for you to own these oils. The things we eat, we put on our skin are usually so full of chemicals that it’s gradually becoming a necessity to switch back to the nature-recommended way of living.

Tip: To buy synthetic and organic oils, always buy quality oils. A good way to check that is to research on the origins.

Benefit #2: Help your mental well being

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Do you often feel overwhelmed by the burden of work that you need to perform every day or that the house chores keep on increasing?

 Sometimes it gets a bit too much and all you need is to have a calm and relaxing session of aromatherapy, with the essential oils of your favorite scent and some soothing background music.

Yes, that’s the way to having an oil-gasm!

When life gives you lemons, apply lemon oil. When Monday blues kick in, the fresh, citrusy oil will boost your mood in an unimaginable way by sending your brain nothing but good vibes.

The soft, soothing scents of oils help create a state of calm. Interestingly, according to research, patients, sitting in hospital waiting rooms, were found to have a better headspace in a room with diffused essential oils.

Fun fact: Women in labor are encouraged to use lavender oil to help ease nervousness and anxiety.

Benefit #3: Work on a corporeal level


Now, you may use drugs go help alleviate your pain or symptoms but, essential oils work to fix the root cause of your problem.

Essential oils improve your body’s capability to fight a disease on its own- Increasing its immunity.

Numerous essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it’s always a good idea to keep a small first aid kit handy!

Here’s a precise list of the type of oils that treat the following problems:

  1. Lavender oil- headaches, anxiety
  2. Peppermint oil- digestion issues
  3. Tea tree oil- skin irritation
  4. Basil oil- muscle pain

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