Many parts of the clary sage plant can be used for making oil, including the leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. Clary Sage oil is also widely used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapists and related alternative health practitioners often use clary sage as an essential oil in their treatments and it is known to be immensely beneficial in other purposes as well. These include dealing with cramps, heavy menstrual cycles, hot flashes and hormonal imbalances. It’s also known for its ability to increase circulation, support the digestive system, improve eye health and fight leukemia.

  •  Has antibacterial properties
    • Natural antidepressant
    • Reduces menstrual cramps
    • Has anti-inflammatory effects
    • Improves digestion
    • Reduces Stress
    • Reduces blood pressure
How to use Clary Sage essential oil:

• Breath the scent in deeply to induce calmness on the go
• Put a few drops in a diffuser and enjoy a clean and fresh atmosphere
• Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water, use around room for a soothing scent
• Dilute with carrier oil and apply to pulse points for ultimate relaxation
• Sprinkle oil onto faded potpourri to make drawer sachets


Avoid contact with eyes and inner ears. Dilute with carrier oil before use. Discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs. If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a history of allergic reactions, speak to a doctor before using any essential oil. Always store the oils in a safe area away from children.



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