We are 100%. Not because we like the name but because it’s who we are and how we define ourselves. 100% is our dedication, obligation and responsibility to always bring you pure and natural products that are beneficial to your health.

Certified aromatherapist, ambitious entrepreneur, and mommy of two, Sumbul Yusuf, established 100% to incite wellness and inspire everyone to transform their lives through essential oils.

It is a combination of scientific advances and technical, botanical and health expertise that allows us to bring you formulations and products that really work.

At 100%, we believe that synthetic ingredients won’t get you anywhere. That is why our products are completely natural and contain no paragons, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates or synthetic dyes.

As an evolving brand in the industry, we promise to constantly innovate to bring you products that are beneficial to you and your family, in every way.


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Who we are

We are a brand that is out to incite wellness and change your way of living one drop of oil at a time. With a commitment to pure and natural ingredients and high quality products, we aim to inspire everyone around us to transform their lives through essential oils.

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What we do

We offer vegan, cruelty-free, and organic oils for you and your loved ones. These oils are extracted from plants and can help treat specific ailments. You can choose from a range of blends or singles that go through a series of tests and follow strict regulations before they reach your home.

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Why we do it

We believe essential oils are more than just natural products. Each with unique properties, essential oils have so many benefits for the body, mind and soul. These precious oils are a gift from mother earth that bring the power of nature into your home.